Find a dress that fits you

Best Dresses For Your Shape

It's the one day you look and feel more beautiful than you ever have in your whole life. It's fantastic. It's special. It's luxurious. All in one dress. On one day. You will know "The Dress" when you find it.

Finding the best wedding dress for your shape is about knowing what flatters your body best. It is about putting attention where you want it and minimizing it where you don't.

There are no rules to finding your dream dress. But there are guidelines that can help you. They'll give you a starting point in the fun, but sometimes overwhelming, wedding dress search.

First, determine your shape.

The shapes we are generaly looking at are:

  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Rectangles
  • Hourglasses

Style Tips For Apples

You are an apple if you are widest around your torso.

  1. Use lower/plunging necklines draw attention upwards. V-neck and sweetheart necklines are great options.
  2. Elongate your silhouette with a high waistline and a skirt that flows away from the body. Empire waistlines and A-line silhouettes are best for this
  3. Consider showing off your legs with knee or tea length dresses.
  4. Avoid:
  • Mermaid and Trumpet: will accentuate the widest part of your frame and flare at the slimmest
  • Ballgowns: won't elongate your silhouette
  • Straight Across Strapless necklines: won't accentuate your bustline

Style Tips For Pears

You are a pear if you are thinner on top with more curves/fullness on the bottom half.

  1. Create balance for your shape by putting the attention on your upper half. Great options are one shoulder, strapless, v-neck, bateau or scoop necklines.
  2. Reduce attention your bottom half with ballgown or A-line silhouettes.
  3. Avoid:
  • Sheath - too clingy for your shape
  • Mermaid and Trumpet - puts attention on the wrong half of your body
  • Halter/High Neck - can create a disproportionate look

Style Tips For Rectangles

You are a rectangle if shoulders and hips are about the same width and you don't have a lot of waist definition.

  1. Create the illusion of curves by drawing attention upwards (strapless, v-neck, one shoulder) or towards the hem (Mermaid)
  2. Define your waistline. An empire waist will showcase the smallest part of your torso. Or a beaded detail or colored sash around the natural waistline will create definition.
  3. Avoid:
  • Halter and High Neck: will make shoulders look narrow and as a result will not flatter your waist
  • Sheaths: will make you look boxy

Style Tips For Hourglasses

You are an hourglass if your shoulders and hips are about the same width and you have a well-defined waist.

  1. Take advantage of your proportioned body shape and showcase your curves. While any wedding dress silhouette can do this, Sheath, Mermaid and Trumpet will especially flatter you.
  2. Showcase your defined waistline with Natural waistlines and waistline accents like a jeweled or ribbon belt.
  3. Avoid:
  • Empire waists: they won't showcase your slim waistline

Wedding dresses come in a dizzying amount of options.  Here is a glossary of wedding dress terms to help you find the style that's perfect for you!



A-line: fitted at the bodice and flows out to the ground, with an unbroken line (resembling the outline of an uppercase A).
Ballgown: fitted at the bodice and has a waistline that leads to a full skirt.
Mermaid: fits closely to the body from the chest to the knee, then flares out to the hem.
Sheath: fits very closely to the contours of the body. Has a straight skirt with no waist.
Trumpetfits closely to the body until the midhip and then widens gradually to the hem. (resembling the mouth of a trumpet).  Often confused with mermaid, but trumpet flairs from mid-hip, whereas mermaid flairs below the knee


Square:has a straight horizontal bodice that meets with straps in a 90 degree angle
Scoop: U shaped neckline with varying depth
V-neck: dips down in a V-shape

Sweetheart: Neckline is shaped like the top half of a heart

Shoulder style

One Shoulder: strap across one shoulder only
Off the Shoulder: sits below the shoulders and highlights the collar bone and shoulders
Sheer: semi sheer net or lace
Halter: has straps that wrap around the back of the neck
High Neck: features high neck/t-shirt neckline
Queen Ann: high rising collar at the back of neckline that sculpts low across the chest
Bateau: (boat neck): follows the curve of the collarbone to the very tip of shoulders
Strapless straight across: straight across neckline with no curves and no straps
Strapless slight curve: neckline curves slightly up or down with no straps
Strapless sweetheart: neckline is shaped like the top half of a heart


Basque Waist: waistline features a low U or V shape
Dropped Waist: features a waist line below the natural waist at the mid hip
Empire: has a raised waistline that sits just below the bust, from which the rest of the dress flows down to the hem
Natural Waist: waist line that hits at the natural waist (the indentation between the hips and the rib-cage)
Princess: A-line silhouette with vertical seams down the front